A Madman and a Box

One of the many British cultural things that I embraced in our move over here four years ago was the longest running Sci-Fi show in history, Doctor Who. In summary, the show is about a mysterious  man called the Doctor who has a “Police Call Box” called the TARDIS (which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space). The TARDIS has the ability to go to any place, in any time zone, anywhere in the universe. The Doctor and his companions have had many adventures over the 54 years that the show has run. I got Meg and Mom into as of late and since we’re on a tour of England, Scotland, and Wales, we took the opportunity to go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. (Might I add that the walk along the water to the Experience was quite lovely.) It was definitely worth the money and definitely worth a visit for any Doctor Who fan. To not ruin the Experience, I won’t share about the actual tour but rather the set pieces and props and costumes at the end. Keep in mind that most of the ones I’m posting are the ACTUAL costumes and props and sets as seen in the show. These are the real McCoy.

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That’s all from me for now.

Ta, Joshua



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