London Days

We have spent wonderful days here visiting with our dear friends the Samuels in the London area.  Calvin and his wife Ramona are both Methodist ministers.  Calvin is currently the Principal at London School of Theology.  Ramona is assisting a Methodist church near and with the Grenfell tower disaster.   We all met each other while living in Durham.  Our kids attended youth bible study together.  There was an awesome reunion with them last year on the other side of the pond as they all came to America and stopped for a time along the gulf coast to stay with us.

There have been days filled with as much fellowship, fun and taking in all the sites around us.  London is such a fun city with so much to see and do. Our When in London blog post has some fun and mostly free ideas for any of you interested in visiting this amazing capital city.   Here are a few great pictures of our time here this week.


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