Beth’s Pew


Alas, the best laid plans…..

Now it was a reminder to me of the elephant sized list of unfinished projects around my house, each project high on the list of importance now that we are setting out to rent our house.  Swirling around me like a sea of confusion where to begin?


Maybe begin with a nap…. that’s what I felt like.

I stirred up some determination to begin somewhere, grabbed a crumpled sheet of sand paper and got to work.  I attacked the old pew, even though it should have been at the bottom of my list, because it was the largest thing staring at me….pleading almost, “please don’t leave me another year in this state”.

As the old layers stubbornly relented to my elbow grease my jumbled thoughts had a chance to unravel.  It became a wonderful quiet time of prayer and reflection.  God was in this journey with us.  No task too great for Him to handle.  I just needed to take today’s work focus on it with my best efforts for His glory and he will reveal our path along the way. As the beauty of the wood began to shine through it brought joy and peace to my spirit.

Now the pew smiles at me from its happy corner and my heart feels light each time I pass it on my way to my next task.  God IS in this journey with us.  Image


2 responses to “Beth’s Pew

  1. I love how your pew looks. I’ve been wanting a church pew for a long time. I’m not quite sure what I’d do with it but yours is beautiful. So happy for you guys!

    • Thanks Cecilia! I’ve always wanted one for the back porch. We did a play at school a year in a half ago that needed a pew as a prop so we bought an old one from a friend’s church in Mobile. It sat on my porch and got quite weathered. Finally it is happy.

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