Things I want to do

The extensive list of things I want to do in England grows longer and longer as we prepare to leave. I’ll try to put as much as I can on here. cropped-durham2.jpg

  1. Visit cathedrals like Notre Dame (France), St. Paul’s, Durham
  2. Pick up an English accent
  3. See the Queen
  4. Visit the Corrie TenBoom house (Holland)
  5. If someone with a thick Irish accent speaks to me, talk back in Latin
  6. Have my birthday in London
  7. Have fun

If you were going to move to England, what would be on your list?

Keep on smiling.



4 responses to “Things I want to do

  1. Wax Museum, British Museum is awesome, ride a double decker bus, ride the tube, see the tower of London, hear Big Ben, eat fish and chips, have tea, go to the tulip festival in Sterling (Lots of floats made of tulip heads), go see the Dover Cliffs, take the train, see nessie or at least Loch Ness (Inverness is great), see the castle at Edinburgh, Stonehenge, . I’ll think of more later.

  2. Drive through the Cotswalds
    See Oxford
    Go to the Imperial war museum in London
    Google when the next steam tractor show is in Basingstoke (usually late fall) and after seeing that continue down to Portsmouth to see the Mary Rose and the HMS Victory

  3. Not sure where in England you are but Chislehurst caves are good.
    Bath- Roman baths
    Lots of museums in London

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