Good Friends, God’s Love, and Great Times

At the Table

Earlier this week we celebrated Beth’s ??th Birthday at a Fairhope Favorite, Panini Pete’s.

This is our last weekend in Alabama.  There are many chores left to do.  However, we have chosen not the chores, but the joys.  The chores will have to wait another day.

We were very blessed with some neat God moments.  I went with Gerald to a prayer breakfast on Mobile Bay.  The men accepted me as a new friend immediately.  At the end of the time together, they offered a very moving prayer for me and the family.  What a wonderful gift.

After returning home, some long time friends of Beth’s side of the family called out of the blue.  Though they live 600 miles away they bought our 17 year old pop-up camper!  Wow.  We were humbled and amazed.  We have had some great times in our little pop-up camper.  Our family has celebrated some special times in it.  We feel great that it is going to a friend who is like family.

Megan got an invite for an all-day play date with a close friend.  When we picked her up, they were full of stories of grand adventures they had on the scooters and in the kitchen.  What a blessing to have such a close buddy.

In the meantime, Joshua’s classmates from Bayshore Christian School got together for a “See you Soon” pool party and movie.  What a kind gesture!  They immediately turned the pool into a whirlpool (by running around the perimeter as quickly as possible).  Now that was a sight to see!  The most moving time was when our hosts spoke about the Call God has placed on our hearts.  Then they all laid hands on Joshua and Beth and me and prayed for us all.  I am not sure there was a dry eye in the room.

Sunday we are heading over to our “Mobile Church,” Christ United Methodist Church.  It is a Homecoming Sunday.  This is the church were Beth and I met, where we were married, Joshua was baptized, and I began a call to ministry.  What better way to spend our last Sunday in Alabama before we leave for Durham University in Durham, England?


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