Preparing for the British Invasion

Bags in living room

Ready to load!

Today we leave Alabama and make a run to visit family in Texas.  We depart for England out of Houston next week.  When we leave Alabama today, we must have everything packed for our visiting time in Texas and our move to England

So here they are: our moving suitcases.  We allowed ourselves two suitcases each and a carry-on bag and personal bag.  So that’s 400 total pounds of checked luggage and then our smaller bags for on-board.  That’s all of the equipment and supplies for a family of four for:

  • Setting up housekeeping
  • Kitchen supplies: pots and pans, kitchen utensils, coffee supplies (very important), spices, etc.
  • Homeschool books and school supplies for a 4th grader and 7th grader
  • Rob’s doctoral research books
  • All the electronics/computer stuff to go with the above points
  • Games and toys for the kids
  • Our fall and winter clothes
  • Personal affects
  • Toiletries, etc.
  • Various other “Hey, I want to take this too!” items.

We are looking forward to seeing family.  At the same time, we are ready to get across the Pond!  The Alabamians are conducting a British Invasion!


All loaded up and ready to go!


11 responses to “Preparing for the British Invasion

  1. Prayers and best wishes to the entire family for safe travels and a great adventure ahead! You will be missed this year but not forgotten.

    Gene & Cecilia

  2. Have a safe, fun, educational trip. Don”t forget how to get back home. I will miss you, but you made the right decision. Blessings and love. Sarah Riggs

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