Out and About

I walked the mile or so to the Drs office yesterday to complete my registration.  This was my first time navigating the way all on my own.  I looked at the everyday view around me and enjoyed the ordinary things that are so new and foreign to me.  I thought you might enjoy them as well.


I can only assume that there are no actual zebras living in this area.  It is a road sign, perhaps for one of the striped speed bumps.


Not sure about this one at all.   The building appears to be some type of power sub station.  Is the mouse typing on an iMac?  Is it a warning that rats will eat apples left lying about?  Perhaps it is a company logo.  Curious…


I crossed over the A1.  It is a beautifully maintained expressway.  I am still getting use to the cars traveling on the left side of the road.  I always look right for cars instead of left.


Cars are quite small here and fuel efficient.  Perhaps if we had to pay $8 -$10 a gallon for gas as they do here we would all drive smaller more fuel efficient cars as well.  If you take that price tag in the window and add half again you will get a basic idea of the price in American dollars.  I believe this place sells gently used autos.


Quaint pubs and bakeries are everywhere.  We found a bakery the other day as we were looking for the location of a Methodist Church.  We met a sweet girl who asked us to repeat our order so she could hear our American accents.  She wanted us to teach her some Southern lingo so we taught her to say, “Hey Y’all”.  She taught us some Geordie.  “wey aye”, which mean Yes!!  When we left she smiled big and said, “Bye Y’all”.


This lovely park was along the way.   The view from this point is amazing.  It is the end of summer here.  Some days are cool and rainy, other days like yesterday are 70 degrees and full of bright blue skies and sunshine.


I stopped by Tesco Extra to pick up a few things. (insert chorus here singing “Stuff Mart”).  The only thing I can say is WOW!  This place has everything.   You pick up a shopping cart, called a trolley, and easily navigate the store.  The trolley wheels go all directions.  We love pushing them sideways through the store.


They sell groceries and retail downstairs and upstairs is clothing and (if it all just becomes overwhelming) a cafe.  You roll your trolley on to the “travelator”.  The magnetic wheels lock to the floor and you travel up or down.  Very cool.  “Wey Aye”!

We found yesterday that you can roll the trolley as far as the end of the Tesco parking lot then the wheels will lock magnetically so that their trolleys stay on the property.

Today is our first day of Home School Field Trip Fridays.  We will take a school tour of Durham Cathedral.  We will take lots of pictures and tell you all of the history so that you may enjoy our field trips as well.




9 responses to “Out and About

  1. I am really enjoying your blog! I feel like I am there with you learning a new way of life. How cool are the trolleys with the magnetic wheels!

    • I am. We walked all over today for our homeschool field trip. Explored the cathedral in Durham and learned so much. Later we walked a mile to the Methodist Church for Friday night Youth group meeting.

  2. Beth and Rob, Thank you for including us in your lives. It makes not having you here a little easier. We love you all.

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