Field Trip Friday

Yesterday’s Field Trip Friday included guided tours of Durham Castle and Cathedral. This is inside the courtyard of the Castle. This was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1072. It was used for the Prince Bishops of Durham for centuries. Now it is University College, Durham University. The College system in the UK means that each student belongs to a college that is a unique community, unlike in the States where your college is your academic concentration. (Incidentally you also have membership in a University DEPARTMENT, which is your academic concentration.)

The rounded part of the building above our shoulders is the castle “keep” and  is now undergraduate housing. Pretty cool, huh? The students eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Great Hall. I think I would ask for Turkey Legs–every meal, every day.

Photographs are not allowed in the Castle, so we don’t have more to share until the subsequent Field Trip report. Stay Tuned!



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