Have you any further queries?

One of my very favorite, or I should say favourite, things about living in a new country is learning new ways of saying things. A bit of a language within a language. We have greatly enjoyed meeting our friend “K” at the local bakery on Mondays to learn new Geordie words and teach her some southern speak as well.

After we left the bakery on Monday we stopped by the library to pick up our new library cards and check out some books. I picked up a regional cookbook and found to my great delight that it also contained a list of Geordie words and sayings.

If you dislike someone you say they are “badly liked”
A grand child is called a “grand-bairn”
a baby – “wee bairn”
a hill – “a bank”
a butterfly – “Butterloggy or Butterlowey”
occasionally – “chancetimes”
pleasant or good – “canny”
and a really cute one……..
freckles – “fernietickles”

I will test a few recipes and then post a good one for “y’all” to try.

On the way back home we took a stop at a local park for some home school recess time.

The dialects of the UK are quite varied, not too unlike the US.

The dialects of the UK are quite varied, not too unlike the US.


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