Joshua’s adventures in cooking

Recently, I have taken to cooking.   I don’t know when, but all of a sudden I want to cook.   So the other night, I made tacos for my family and I thought I would put it on here.   To make it, you need, A skillet, a pound of ground beef, a can of black beans,  a pot, home made or store bought tortillas or hard taco shells, a quarter cup of chilli powder, garlic powder and sea salt to taste.   First turn your stove or cooker ( depends where you are 😉 ) to about 3 or 4. Put the meat in the skillet and stir it till it browns. then you put the meat into the pot.   Then add a about a cup of water and add the chilli powder, garlic powder, and salt.   Stir the meat until the water cooks down. add the beans and mix it up. Keep the meat in the pot for about 5 more minutes.   If you have store bought tacos or tortillas, then put them in the oven till there’re warm.   Grate some cheese, set out some lettuce  set the table, light a candle, drops some flowers in a vase and bon appetite!

Later I will post another delicious recipe. Until then, keep on smiling 🙂



4 responses to “Joshua’s adventures in cooking

  1. The more I hear about Durham, the more I want to visit; I’m particularly intrigued about the thriving tropical gardens, especially that close to the North Sea.
    I read your dissertation proposal Rob, and it sounds interesting but a lot of work. Will it have a quantitative component as well as case studies? Also, does it make sense to look beyond the Methodist missionary experience and include other Christian denominations? For example, would a Baptist’s or Evangelical’s short-term missionary experience be different than a Methodist’s? I’m just thinking out loud–this may be too broad.
    I am particularly interested in the evolution of Church theology/history. Should you take a course that contains this component, could I see your syllabus and reading list? Eat a taco for me–Barry

    BTW, I have seen you online several times and Skyped you, but you didn’t respond. Be sure to connect your speakers to Skype.

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