Monday Night Monk Games

Tonight Meg and I had the chance to attend the Cathedral Volunteers night at the Durham Cathedral.  Since our family volunteers weekly with the Lego table we are part of this volunteer group.  Joshua and Rob attended a lecture at the University.

Meg and I saw beautiful views of the cathedral empty at night.  I was able to take a few photos inside as well.  Photographs are not allowed in the cathedral normally because there are always services or people praying.


The kids of the volunteers were invited to play some special monk games.

They dressed as monks and learned about St Cuthbert’s love of onions.  Playing and “egg and spoon” type of game with onions on wooden plates.



Meg was quite quick at carrying onions on a plate.

They played several more games.  One of their favourite games was sneaking the keys.  They could have played that all night.


The leader hides a set of keys under her chair.  The monks sneak in and try to grab the keys before she catches them.  She can only turn around if she hears them.  The children all followed Meg’s lead and began removing their shoes to move more quietly.  It was great fun.  They were very proud if they could even lift the keys without jingling them.


They even learned about the fearsome Vikings and pretended that the vikings were coming and they had to round up all of the holy books and flee.

Rob and Joshua joined us at the end and we all enjoyed some refreshments in a room that was used as McGonagall’s classroom in the Harry Potter movies.  Joshua and Meg thought that was pretty neat.




Look familiar?


It is neat to see a room that was used by Hollywood, and was not just a set or a computer animation.

I must say that my favourite part of our evening was heading home and looking at the cathedral in the night.  It very beautiful and wondrous.  I never grow tired of being there.



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