Friends, Asian Food and Madagascar

We’ve just returned home from a wonderful morning worshiping the Lord with our new friends at church.  We are pleased that we won’t have to be cooking any lunch because we still have plenty of left overs from Friday night.

The past to Friday evenings Meg and I have been helping our friend Hannah with a few of her fundraiser dinners.  Hannah will be going on a trip next summer to Madagascar and she is raising money by cooking take out meals in her home for several Fridays in a row.

Meg and I joined in on making about 30 pizzas last Friday for Italian take out night and this past Friday it was Asian Take Out Night.

It was a crazy, fun time.  We were prepping boxes, moving rice and spring rolls to the warmer, frying chicken bits for the sweet and sour chicken and playing sous chef with all the chopping of ingredients.


Here is a picture of Hannah, Meg and Hannah’s mom Allison toward the end of the cooking night.  Look!  We are all still smiling.

We are excited for Hannah and look forward to all the things that she will see and learn next summer.

– Beth


One response to “Friends, Asian Food and Madagascar

  1. It sounds like you are having a great time and meeting some nice people we are very happy for you.

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