Christmas Comes Early

The kids and I took our usual Monday walk to the Crusty Bun and the library.  Kate and Lynn gave us our new Geordie word, “Skivin'”   It means to pretend to work or call in sick to work when you really are not.  It is always such a treat to see them and to hear that familar, “Hey Y’all” when we walk in each week.

When we arrived home there was a brown package from America on our porch.  We were very excited to see that it was from our dear friends and neighbors the Sowell Family.  What a nice surprise!

I told the kids they must wait for Dad to get home then we would open it together after supper and AFTER the dishes were all washed. Needless to say the kitchen jobs got done fast 😉


We all enjoyed the box and opened it slowly and went through it all bit by bit.


We haven’t seen Cheese Its here, I did attempt to make them =fail, the kids were over joyed with this find in the box.


Rob loves some real coffee.   A few days before a pastor friend sent Rob a coffee grinder and some whole bean because he realised in Rob’s blog post about coffee that he did not have a coffee grinder.  There are whole aisles of Nescafe here but it isn’t quite the same.   Thank you to both families for keeping my husband supplied with real coffee.

We continued to pull  out many treats and surprises from the box (some of which I am saving for another post).  I had to cut the kids off last night to keep them from eating all the Cheese Its and Candy Corn in one night.  Off to bed with visions of Cheese Its and Candy Corn dancing in their heads.

Thank you to all our sweet friends for the goodies and most of all for your prayers, love and emails.  We feel so loved.

Blessings from Durham,



One response to “Christmas Comes Early

  1. What fun to receive gifts from home! We do love getting your blogs and reading about the wonderful things you are seeing! What a fabulous experience for all of you! Love, Kay and Philip

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