Enjoyable Night at Lumeire

Elephant and the moon

Elephant and the moon

The city of Durham celebrated the Lumeire Fesival last night.  We walked to the city centre with friends and enjoyed the crisp evening of lights.  The elephant above was a projected image and stomped along at the top of the bridge.  He could be heard for several miles.


ImageOur favourite part was the projected history of Durham Cathedral on the cathedral.



Quite beautiful.




These dresses were illuminated wire forms.  They faded from one colour to another in the moonlit cathedral courtyard.




This Christmas tree was made entirely of shopping bags and then illuminated from the inside.  Cool!



More shopping bags lighting up the night.


This British phone booth has a useful job now.  It became a large goldfish aquarium.DSC03210

Meg and our friend’s daughter walking home with Meg’s doll between them.

A lovely night.





8 responses to “Enjoyable Night at Lumeire

  1. We are so enjoying your blog!! What a wonderful experience for all of you! We of course miss you!
    Love, Kay and Philip

  2. Awesome pictures of the lights. Finally got to share your wonderful blogs with Marmie. She is enjoying the posts. She is still enjoying the 110 pictures you have sent to her.

    • Thank you for sharing them with G’ma Mac. We call her “Zoom” because she is always zooming here and there. Mostly we just call her G’ma Mac. Her daughter my Mom is “Marme” 😉
      It is such a blessing that you have been able to share the blog with her. Thank you so very much.


  3. These were lovely….thank you for sharing these with us. Next week-end let’s face time.

    Sent from my iPad


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