Common Factor

Okay, so what do these three have in common:
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
A Methodist Church in Northeast England
A child in an state-run orphanage in the Ukraine

It is quite simple: Samaritan’s Purse.  Uncle Si has gotten behind this great program.  You can see more about it here.  At Carrville Methodist Church, we dropped off our boxes to be collected by Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.  We found out that our boxes are likely to head to orphanages in the Ukraine.

Samaritan’s Purse is involved in the relief efforts after the tornadoes of Oklahoma, Texas, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  They were a part of the work following the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Japan.  They are at work in the Sudan and the Philippines.

While these are all important projects, there are still needs around the world.  Children are still in need in ongoing situations on every continents.  It is so very simple to get involved.  Our family had a great time shopping for the items and filling the boxes.   Why don’t you give it a go too?  Check out this link to the videos to learn more.




6 responses to “Common Factor

  1. Are these replies getting to you? We are so enjoying your blogs. Think of you at this time of harvesting the fruit and lettuce ,etc. from Philip’s garden!! We miss you. Kay and Philip

    • Kay and Philip,
      We think of you often. There isn’t much peppermint ice cream here in the UK. No Chick – Fil-A either. How was the garden this year? Did you harvest a lot of lemons? There are no lemons here as sweet as those from your garden. I’ll make some peppermint ice cream next year when we come back. 😉

  2. Hi Rob, Beth, Josh & Meg,
    Enjoying your blogs. Pam and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Will it be shepherd’s pie? I guess that is approopiate for Christmas.
    Blessings and love,
    Len Turner

    • Hi Len,
      Thanks for staying connected on the blog. We actually have some nice Thanksgiving plans. I am preaching at a service on Thanksgiving Day, then we are connecting with some American friends for the dinner later! Come on over and we will save a seat for you!

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