Muddle Through Moments

Some days are just “muddle through” days.  Today home school math is hard.  Today the laundry is not drying on the drying racks.  Today we are struggling with simple lessons and having to break them down and go slower, step by step.  Somedays are just like that.  We have stopped everything now because the first few snow flakes of winter have begun floating by our window on this strangely sunny day.  They aren’t sticking  It is still far too warm for that but we have paused our school work for a moment.  God has given us beauty on this “muddle through” day.  The kids have never seen snow that they can remember.  Joshua was 18 months old the last time he saw snow fall from the sky.

Even on the days when we muddle through, when the every day things of life seem to drag on too long, our mouth should still be filled with praise to God.

Our home school verse this month is Psalm 71:8  “My mouth is filled with your praise, and with your splendour ALL the day.”  ALL the day… even  in the “muddle through” moments. DSC03226



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