A Great Week

We have had a routine but fun week here in England.  Rob has been busy at the University doing his reading, studying and writing.  The kids and I have been plugging away at home school, visiting the Crusty Bun, Brownie Girl Guides, volunteering at the cathedral Lego table, library day, ballet  and fencing…that is our normal week.  Today is Friday and we had a fabulous day with Mr. Ray again discovering the science of glass.  Joshua promised to write that adventure up for all of you to enjoy tomorrow morning.

I will share with you a “sweet” surprise that Meg received from our friend Ms. Lynn at the Crusty Bun. photo-7 We came for our usual weekly visit and before we left they surprised Meg with this cookie cake.     They knew it had been Meg’s birthday .  What a nice surprise.

The cookie cake is what the Geordies would call “Lush”.  That means something yummy, rich and delicious.photo-6

It was a big weekend this past weekend with Lumeire in the city.  I volunteered Friday night at the Catherdral.  A weekend total of 5,000 bricks were added to the Lego project.  The normal weekday total is around 170 bricks so this was a BIG event.

So all in all a busy past 7 days for all of us.

Tomorrow Joshua will tell you all about our field trip Friday and the science of glass.




4 responses to “A Great Week

  1. Just as your new friends in Durham have made a good impression on you all, you have made a good impression on them. As Christians, we should all reflect outwardly the great things that Christ leads us to and provides for us, just as you are all doing in Durham. Blessings, and Have a great weekend

  2. Wish I could of had a piece. You have made so many lovely friends and I know you all have enriched their life’s also.

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