Cafe Church

We were very intrigued when we heard that this week we would be worshipping in a new format: Cafe Church.  Joshua mentioned that he and some of the other youth had moved all the cafe tables into the sanctuary in preparation for worship.  So when we headed out the door this morning, we were ready for something new.

The sanctuary was full of tables with 6-8 chairs set around each one.  A dedicated group of people had arrived at the church early to cover each one with paper table clothes (that’s important later).  Each table had plates of cookies (the Brits call them “biscuits”), bread and butter, and other treats.  There were pitchers of coffee and hot tea aplenty.

The worship service flowed much like any other: announcements and welcome, opening songs of praise, and prayers.  The message and teaching times utilized the community atmosphere to encourage discussion at the table with friends old and new.  At the direction of the leader, we learned from one another as we studied the Scriptures together.  It was great to see what God taught us from one another.

There is something wonderful that happens around the table.  Wonderful times of community building happen around the table.  The New Testament records several wonder things that happen at the table: Jesus teaches, restores people to new life, demonstrates the Kingdom of Heaven, washes the disciples’ feet, and demonstrates the New Covenant in the institution of the Lord’s Supper.

What a gift to participate in such a community with our English friends that are like our family.  What are some of the ways community is built around your table?

Building Community at Cafe Church at Carrville Methodist Church

Building community at Cafe Church at Carrville Methodist Church


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