Snowballs and Tall Bread tales

We had a nice visit this week to the Crusty Bun.  I’m afraid We’ve been talking a bit too long and I’m keepin’ them from work.  But Kate and Lynn are so much fun to talk too and the kids and I look forward to our visit each week.  Sometimes we get our lunch there and talk while we eat.  Other times we get a coke or a small sweet.  Meg really loves the “snowballs” that Lynn makes.  They are a type of homemade marshmallow ball coated with chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes.  Joshua likes anything chocolate and Lynn’s “Tiffin” is his favourite.  Tiffin is hard to  describe it isn’t quite a brownie but more like a candy bar.  It is very “lush”.

This week I bought a loaf of whole meal bread there.  ImageThat is like whole wheat bread in the US.  The bread is very good.  I have been making sour dough bread here at the house for most of our bread needs but this bread was a nice switch.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but bread here in the UK is much taller.  I haven’t figured out why.  It is funny to me because I brought sandwich containers from the US when we moved.  I wanted to use them to pack Rob’s lunch and for our field trip lunches.  Well the bread here doesn’t fit very well in the storage containers I brought.  Sometimes we cram it all in there anyway but it is curious to me.  Yesterday was our weekly shopping trip.  I bought some fold over sandwich bags just to make life a bit simpler.  Guess what?  They are tall too just like the bread.  So Rob’s sandwich today isn’t folded over, squeezed into a too small sandwich box it fit nicely in its matching too tall, match made in heaven, fold over sandwich bag.

Today is promising to be a lovely day.  The sunrise is pinking up the sky, it should be clear and sunny with temps in the upper 50’s here all day.  Friends in South Alabama have been posting about how cold it is there and my grandma in Texas was covered in snow during a recent storm.  We were the ones predicted to have the snowiest November in decades.  So far here in north eastern England only a few stray flurries have even come our way.  The kids have never seen snow (Joshua was 18 months the only time he saw it).  I am sure we will have our fill before this year is over.  Kate promised to come over and help us build a snow man.

…..that will be a great blog post…..

Stay warm my friends and Happy Thanksgiving!



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