(Field) Trip Friday

Welcome to (Field) Trip Friday #10.

This is Rob bringing you the news of the Friday trip for this week.  Beth has been working hard at teaching, keeping the house going, adjusting everyone to England, etc., etc. for three solid months.  So today, she got a day off.

It is less than 2 weeks until Christmas and the kids and I had a little shopping to do for Mama.  I wanted us to do something on this Christmas-shopping-for-Mama trip that we could only do over here.  I wanted to find just the thing(s) she’s had her eye upon.  I wanted to spend time with the kids in some ways that I haven’t been able to do.  So what did we do?

We slipped out of the house in the pre-dawn light.  Don’t be real impressed; the sun doesn’t come up here until after 8:30 this time of year.  We left Mama at home to do whatever she wanted to do today: stay in bed, finish the great American Novel, or just sit on the sofa all day with a cuppa tea.  Whatever she wanted to do.  We stayed away until almost 1800 (that’s 6pm to the Americans).

So, what was our (field) trip?  WE CAN’T TELL YOU THAT!  This is a public blog and that would spoil all the Christmas surprises that we worked so hard on yesterday.  So, dear friends, you–like Beth–will have to wait until Christmas.  I will say that we had a wonderful, English, Christmas-Daddy-and-Kiddos day.  Here’s to celebrating the Saviour with family and friends!

Christmas Blessings,


The blurry photo just adds to the fun and silliness of our (Field) Trip.

The blurry quality of the photo typifies the fun and silliness of our (Field) Trip.  They are trying out tricks with our flat caps.


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