Try Try Again.

Had a fun but busy day today.  We worked on a bit of science during our home school time.  We are studying the Plant Kingdom and are attempting a bit of research on the Bryophyte and Vascular plants.

We began our study with a simple lab experiment.  Our goal was to show that a celery stalk is a vascular plant by watching  food dye travel up the stalk.  Only one problem……..our food dye never moved up the stalk.   Dud celery?  Not enough food dye?  We are going to hydrate the celery in ice water overnight in the fridge and try again tomorrow.  We were given the celery and a few flowers from a local grocer.  She loves to see children learning and was happy to make a donation in the name of science.  Very nice!  We will bring photos to her of our results.  We will try, try again tomorrow.


We also had a nice treat today we popped in the Crusty Bun and were allowed a “back stage” tour. The kids and I also helped the store decorate for the Christmas season.  It was a nice time with our friends plus we got to watch Lynn make a yummy looking spice cake covered in white rolled fondant.

More tomorrow……….

Merry Christmas,

Beth 🙂


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