Our trip back in time (Part 2)


We continued on our tour of Beamish Museum and found our selves in a school house in the year 1913.


I think that this horse in the primary kid’s classroom is beautiful.
Mr. Ray took the kids out back to the school yard to teach them how to roll a “booler”. He actually “schooled” us all.



Mr. Ray said that in the schoolyard with a booler in his hand he was a firetruck, a police car or an ambulance driver. All he had to do was change the sound that the siren made.

He raced around the school yard like a kid. He kept the booler upright with little effort at all.


I did manage to keep it upright for a bit. It was a delight to see so many kids playing in the school yard. You could hear their laughter up and down the village. It gave an air of authenticity to the area. I heard one kid asking his Mum if they could buy one of these. In this electronic age of 2014 it was refreshing to see so many young and old a like enjoying this game from the past.


We enjoyed a lovely lunch together of fish and chips. In the village they prepare these the old way. They are fried in a coal fired deep fat fryer and wrapped in newsprint.

It was a wonderful journey back in time at Beamish. We wrapped up the day with Meg’s first ever ice skating experience.


Happy New Year!



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