The North Sea Coast

As the crow flies we are not very far from the sea.  For this I am very glad.  I have lived my whole life near the sea on many of the US coastlines.   I do not wish to be land locked too far from open salt water and the cries of sea gulls.


On our way home from Scotland with Marme and Pa we decided to drive the coast of the North Sea and stop at a town called Sea Houses on our way.


We enjoyed some local fish and chips and a quick walk about.


This area is quite beautiful and in the summer is bustling with visitors and summer holiday excitement.


This statue is called  the “Rescue”.  I can feel the cold spray of the North Sea hitting this fisherman as he yells to his shipmate in the water.    Smell the fish?   Taste the salt?  Feel the cold spray?

North Sea life

– Beth


3 responses to “The North Sea Coast

  1. Wow !! You guys are getting such an awesome experience. Your posts are a such a nice treat for me in the middle of my work day. Love the pictures. I feel like I’m getting to experience it with you all.

  2. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. What an adventure for your family!! Enjoy every moment.

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