The magical world of Lego

In 1932 the Lego group was founded by by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark. Since then it has grown to hundreds maybe even thousands of sets. There is also a sub company called Bright Bricks. Bright Bricks designed this beautiful building in Lego bricks.  Durham-by-Thompson-BR800Yes, we are building Durham Cathedral in Lego Bricks. we volunteer on Wednesdays at the Lego table. We sell bricks for a pound and meet people from all over the world.  For all you Lego fans, don’t be jealous (yet). after a few weeks of volunteering, we met a man who works in the store room (now you can be jealous).   My task is to sort all the Legos into bags and label and box them up, one section at a time. Right now we are working on the transepts, which are the the cross part in the photo that you see unfinished.  The transepts are the part of cathedral architecture that cause the building to resemble a cross shape when viewed from above.  We are currently completing the structure footprint to a certain height.  This is a picture of  the cathedral as of yesterday. photo-12Now, the store room job may sound fun and most of the it is.  But when you start assembling a bag and it takes you 30 minutes to get halfway and then you realise that someone already did that bag, it can be annoying.   Then you have to put it all the legos back. Sigh.   But I’m glad I do what I do.  This is a picture of the store room. This was taken weeks ago so we’ve gotten more in since then. photo-16That is our Wednesday afternoon so these pictures are other shots of the Lego cathedral.

Keep smiling:)


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