Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Robot Fight!

As you may have guessed from the title, 1 I was at a robot fight, 2 It was on Sunday.  Technically, it’s was a robot war. Not a fight. Anyway, so essentially it was a bunch of people who are good mechanics that want to build robots, and who have 30,000 Quid. ( That’s British for pounds.  I might sound a bit British here). Mind you that most of them were plated with titanium. The robots with the ramp looking things are called flipper robots. The more human looking robots are called boxing robots. They cost 30,000 quid because they ran on CO2 and hydraulic tanks. Below there is a picture of an orange and black robot with a hole in it. (Remember, that was titanium.) Now I have your attention. You are probably asking, but Joshua, what on earth could make a hole in titanium. The answer is a claw with NINE TONS of force behind it.(see below.) I dare not keep you much longer so here are the pictures. Mind you(I think I’m getting the hang of this!). Mind you that they are in slide show mode and so you may have to sit and watch them for a while.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheers!  Joshua


One response to “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Robot Fight!

  1. Josh I would stay away from the claw if I were you. It looks pretty mean. Fun day…..hey?

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