Weekend Happenings


This past weekend was non stop as we had some errands to run and places the kids need to be.

Our first stop was to Rusty’s Barbershop to see our friend James.  James has been given many baseball caps by American students.  We felt it was time to begin building up his SEC collection.  My grandmother sent a cap to give him of the newest SE team,  Texas A&M.   He wears his recent gift hat until someone gives him a new one.  We will have fun seeing who the next one will be.

Joshua has a fencing tournament coming up soon and with Meg’s RAD ballet exam approaching our weekend was full of lots of practices.  We found time to pop back in to the University’s Botanic Gardens.  We needed a small bit of pond water to use in our science lessons.

This Sunday we had an opportunity to travel to Hexam to hear a friend preach at Trinity Methodist there.  Rob will be guest preaching there in a few weeks time.  After an afternoon visit with our friends we stopped by a bit of Hadrian’s wall there that we’d not visited before.  It was quite muddy and cold but it was neat to see history up close and 3D.

Lots to see and do here right in our own backyard.




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