Grey Towers of Durham

We have had a very busy and fun filled day.  More of my family is here from Alabama including my very adorable baby nephew.  Rob went to study but took a lunch break to meet up with us.


Image 10

He is so cute in his monster hat.

It is always fun to have friends and family visit us here.  It gives us reason to pause from our routine and visit again all of the places that have caused us to fall in love with Durham.

One of the places we took them to was Prebends Bridge.  Each time we go there we discover something new.  Sir Walter Scott penned a poem from this very bridge.  There is a plaque bearing his poem that I have never noticed before:


Grey towers of Durham

Yet well I love thy mixed and massive piles

Half church of God, half castle ‘gainst the Scot

And long to roam these venerable aisles

With records stored of deeds long since forgot








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