Monday Morning

It is a bit of a foggy, grey day.  Possibly more typical English weather than we have had most of the winter.

Meg's Easter Garden and Mother's Day Daffodils

Meg’s Easter Garden and Mother’s Day Daffodils

This was my view out the window this morning as I was doing the morning “washing up”.  I really thought living in a small kitchen with no dish washer would be tiresome.  I have found that the washing up time has become a calm way to reflect upon the day and to get my morning thoughts together.  The evening washing chores are normally done by Meg and Joshua and it is nice to hear the music and laughter coming from the kitchen at night.

We are trying to get back into somewhat of a routine with homeschool this week.  That means after our math lessons we headed to the library to complete our spelling and history lessons.  Then the kids peruse the books and check out some new reading material.   Monday is also one of our favourite days of the week because we get to pop in the Crusty Bun to see Kate and Lynn.

Things were going well until Meg hit a slick spot on her scooter.  She bruised her knee and got a small scrape.  We hobbled along to the Crusty Bun and Kate got Meg all sorted out with a nice big plaster.  (a plaster is the word for Band Aid here)  So after the magical healing plaster from Lynn’s kitchen first aid kit we had some Coke and swapped a few stories.  (The Health and Safety Department can rest assured that the Crusty Bun is well stocked for any minor emergency.)

Last Thursday night I had Mr Ray, Kate and Lynn over for a bit of Italian supper.  I wanted them to all meet my sister and her family before they left on Friday.  Kate and Lynn laugh at the way I say, “Spaghetti Bolognaise”.  I told them in the south we just call it spaghetti.  It should go without saying that it has a red meat sauce on it.  Unless the southern cook goes to the extra effort to make meatballs for the spaghetti sauce  and then it is referred to as “Spaghetti and Meatballs”.   It told them that Spaghetti Bolognaise is just too much to say.  They laughed and said that is why here it gets shortened to “spag bol “.  It is hard enough for me to learn to speak English without all of these dialect shortcuts.  Oy!

But seriously I love all of our silly discussions.  We may learn to speak English yet…….





2 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. That made me smile it’s spag bol hun but you were close. It was lovely to meet some more of your family and your spag bol was delicious. Hope the bairns knee is ok x

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