The Dirt Cake

The dirt cake at Brownie’s last night was a hit.   The other leaders and I had a grand time setting the kids up for the April Fools Day snack.   I began during our Pow Wow circle time as we were all seated on the ground.  I showed them some “dirt” and flowers and the plastic flower pot.  I told them we were going to plant them as our activity and then eat the dirt for snack.  I pulled an Oreo encrusted gummy worm out of the “dirt” and asked the Brownies if they had ever eaten dirt or worms before.  The gummy worm appeared to be moving as I had spiral twisted it before placing it in the “soil”.  Let me just say that they all began freaking out.  One of our adult leaders, who was in on my joke, volunteered to eat the worm.  The girls began screaming and laughing.  It was great.

Image 1

layering the “cake”


Some of them could smell a joke in the air.  I asked who DIDN”T want to eat dirt for snack and 9 girls raised their hands.  The other leaders and I, there were 3 of us, commented how perfect that was because that would mean 3 extras for each of us.

I split the girls into their groups and each group took on a portion of the cake to make and then we layered it together.

Our completed project looked quite lovely.  I wrapped the flowers in plastic so as not to contaminate the cake.


Here is the recipe:

Chocolate Pudding, chocolate custard or Angel Delight (mix with milk according to the directions)

2 sleeves or one box or original Oreo cookies (place in a bag and crush with rolling pin)

one package of Haribo Gummy Worms

one pint of whipping cream whipped but not sweetened

Fold in half of the cookie crumbs into the Angel Delight, fold in half of the whip cream. place remaining whip cream in the bottom of a washed flower pot.  Layer the pudding mixture, then gummy worms, then cookie crumbs in a trifle type fashion.  On the very top cover with remaining cookie crumbs.  Place a flower and washed, new garden trowel  in pot.  Serve with the trowel as a serving spoon.

It turns out that the April Fools Joke was a bit on me.  It seems that here in the UK April Fools jokes may only be played until noon.  Any person playing a prank after 12 noon becomes the fool.

There is a chant here that says:

“April Fools  has come and gone

You’re the Fool

and I am none.”

Oh well, I still think that my April Fools Day dirt cake was worth it. By the way Rob and I both think that a teacher invented  that chant.  Awesome!






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  1. That was a good one on them. You are very creative Beth and a lot of fun….Kathy

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