Surprises in the Garden

I remember when my friend Lynn in Alabama moved in down the road from me. Her first year in her new house was so much fun because she kept discovering all these new flowers popping up in her front flower beds that were planted years before by the previous owners. This spring I have had a bit of the same experience here in England. I planted a few pansies in the winter and now, popping up among the pansies are a host of surprises every day.

Today I looked out and saw a lovely sight. A tiny Lily of the Valley was beginning to open one flower on its slender stalk. I have long wanted to have a few of these in a flowers in my garden. I had no idea there were already some planted in the garden here.


A few years back our BCS Ensemble at school learned this sweet round to sing at a spring performance.

White coral bells upon a slender stalk,
Lily of the Valley deck my garden walk.
Oh don’t you wish the you could hear them ring?
That will happen only
when the fairies sing.
That will happen only
when the fairies sing.


Happy Spring friends!




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