We love books, books, books

My undergraduate degree is in education.  I taught literature, writing, reading, and other associated fields for almost 10 years before I entered full-time, vocational ministry.  It was a wonderful experience.

An underlying theme in nearly every teacher-training course was “Teach kids to love to read.”  Time and again I heard the instructors tell us to “Simply read to kids when they are young, and they will love to read when they are older.”  I don’t know if that works every time, but it worked with our kids.  We read to our kids from their earliest days.  We try to keep books nearby.  We try to offer them a variety of books to read.   We have seen fruits of it so far.

It brings me great joy when the kids get excited about going to the library.  They don’t mind (maybe even enjoy) it when Dad drags them through ANOTHER used bookstore in England.  I will often find them on the couch, on the bed, or at the table with another book.  Since I spend most of my week reading and writing I enjoy seeing them do the same thing.

What techniques work for instilling a love of reading in your kids?  What successes have you seen?

I write this today to celebrate that on this date in 1719 Robinson Crusoe first appeared in paperback. Written by Daniel Defoe it is the story of a man marooned on an island and his ingenuity in the situation he now faced.   Defoe was born in London in 1660. (I wonder if I can find his house one day?)  Secondly, we are headed to Holy Island and Lindisfarne Priory and Castle.  I hope we don’t face the same fate! All kidding aside, why don’t you push back from the computer and go grab a book.  I know we will when we get home.







One response to “We love books, books, books

  1. While you’re in Northumberland you may want to visit Barter Books in Alnwick. It’s located in the old railway station and is a real treasure trove for book fans.

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