Field Trip Friday # 22 (part 2)

After our visit to Binchester Roman Fort there was a nearby site that I was very much wanting to see.  Mr. Ray drove us a few miles down the road to Bishop Auckland.   Bishop Auckland was the home for over 900 years to the Prince Bishops of Durham Cathedral.


Although the home of the Bishops is a beautiful castle, Auckland Castle, that is not the bit that I was so keen to see.


I wanted to simply see the lovely grounds and the Auckland Deer House.

The Gothic Revival Deer House was built on the castle grounds in 1760.  What is a “Deer House” might you ask?  Well, it was constructed as a folly or a type of garden architecture.  Remember the story I wrote about the Ha Ha?  In those days large lawns were grazed by sheep or deer.  Deer were kept at Auckland for hunting parties for lawn grazing. The Deer House was used to feed and shelter the deer as well as provide a viewing area where guests could watch the deer.


These days the lawns are grazed by fluffy white sheep and their lambs.  So….. no deer at the Auckland Deer House.

If you would like to read more about the Deer House click here:

The Deer House and grounds are free to visit.  If you are nearby stop in and have a look.

It was a lovely day.




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