R.A.D. Exam Results

Well, for all of you who were following our year of ballet here in England the R.A.D. exams are back. I am pleased to report that Meg passed in all areas. She has completed what is known as year two here in the UK.

Meg received her marks, certificate and pin last week at ballet.


Each grade group has a colour that designates that group.  Grade two was the group that she participated in this past year.  Grade two is lavender.  They wear lavender leotards and have lavender stripes on their character skirts.  I believe that Mobile (Alabama) Ballet does a similar type system.     Now she has moved up (for the short time that we have left) into the year three class.  The year three class is navy blue in colour.  This class does not mean that these girls have only been dancing for three years it just means they have been taking exams for three years.  Most of the girls in Meg’s class have been dancing since they were in Reception (Kindergarten is called Reception here).






















We are proud of Meg for attempting the exams.  She was quite nervous about going through with it all.  We all encouraged her that this would be a chance to do something that she may never get another opportunity to do.  She is pleased with her results and happy she made the effort.







8 responses to “R.A.D. Exam Results

  1. Meg, Aunt Kathy and Uncle are also proud of you and can’t wait for a private recital when you get home.

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  2. Congratulations Meg! You represent Fairhope, Alabama so well, and they will always remember the beautiful young lady from the USA.

  3. Kuddos to Meg for finishing such a daunting task in such a small amount of time!! Can’t wait to see you on stage one day in Nee York!!

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