Bluebells and Brownies

Meg and I had a very exciting weekend.  I have been volunteering with her Brownie unit here in Durham.  The Girl Guide Association in the UK is similar to the Girl Scouts of America.  The names of the age groups is a bit different.  The Girl Guides ages start with Rainbows which compares to the US Brownies, then Brownies which is basically the age of Junior Girl Scouts.  The Girl Guides units are about the same age as the Cadets in the US and the Girl Guides have Rangers for the oldest girls.  I believe they are still called Seniors in the US.

The Girl Guide Brownies have turned 100 this year.  Special  camps and badge activities are planned in order to help celebrate.

Our Brownie girls spent the weekend at Camp House in Spennymoor to work on our Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge.

It was a weekend packed with giggles and fun.  We did projects and learned jobs like cooking, serving and tidying up.  There were some chances for woodland walks.  The bluebells were in bloom so we took lots of photos to share with you.

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Have a great week.




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