O sole mio

I thought that I had nothing to blog about today…..

until I headed in to the Cathedral for volunteer work today.  Durham Cathedral sits on a peninsula on a bend in the River Wear (long e).  The Cathedral and Castle are across from one another.  Between them is a large grassy square known as “Palace Green”.  Today was a glorious day and Palace Green was full of students having lunch on the Green.  Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

One of the reasons that we volunteer with the Lego Cathedral project is to force ourselves to block out weekly time to visit Palace Green and the Cathedral.  Rob’s study office is nearby and he walks up here everyday.  The kids and I really enjoy having at least one time a week that we can count on being here.

There is always a thing or two going on at the Lego table.

Today we had a new volunteer crew working hard…

So, the ending of my day was beautiful as well.  I was attempting to get a cell phone signal and I was leaning out of my bedroom window.  I heard someone singing and could not find the source.  I realise it is getting louder.  A man comes in to view walking down my street.  He was holding two large bags of groceries and singing “O sole mio” in full voice.  It was close to 10 pm but the sun was just setting.  He got to the end and sang the last bit……O sole mio
(Here he stops walking)
sta ‘nfronte a te!
(Hold his groceries up )
sta ‘nfronte a te!

Awesome!  I had to clap.  He looked surprised, then took a shy bow.

What a great place Durham is!!

Good night my friends near and far away,



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