US Memorial Day

Memorial-Day-USA-Flag-Images2Today is a day to celebrate the start of summer. There will be back yard barbecues and, where we live in the US, trips to the beach. But today is more than a day to enjoy time off from work.  It is a day to decorate the graves of our fallen heroes and remember that our freedom in America isn’t free. It comes at a great price.

Today as we are in the UK for Memorial Day we will look at our US flag and remember those who paid for our freedoms with their own lives and pray for those families who today are without their heroes for a “start of summer” barbecue.

We do plan on enjoying an outdoor cookout with some friends this afternoon ourselves, although we are far from our homeland on this holiday. Today is a warmer, sunny day and we are grateful for friends both near and far away. We are also grateful for our country and the heroes to whom we owe a great debt.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day,



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