Field Trip Friday # 26 Back at the Quay

Yesterday was one of the few Friday’s that Rob has been available to journey along with us.  We had an opportunity to go back to the Trincomalee in the Historic Hartlepool Quay.  Rob had not yet visited the Historic Quayside (“Key Side”).   The Historic Quay family ticket is valid for five trips in one year’s time.  Since we had four more visits on our pass ticket we felt we should journey back again.    Beside which the weather was much nicer than our winter trip.

We had a lot of fun exploring the quayside and the Trincomalee herself.  Her restoration took 11 years.  Read more about the incredible restoration of this frigate ship here


She is the oldest floating naval vessel in Europe.


The historic quayside shops are filled with various goods and historic wax figures and sounds.


There are many kid friendly activities including a huge wooden ship styled play fort and indoor explorium.

We all enjoyed our time at the Hartlepool Historic Quay.  I would highly recommend a visit here for families with kids from 2 – 92.

There is so much to do and see here in Northeast England.  Sadly, next week will be our last Field Trip Friday here.  We will miss all of the field trips here and dear Mr. Ray.  I know we will have new things to explore when we get home to Alabama.  We look forward to sharing our home there with you as well.




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