Blessings and a Baby Shower

Friends, of all the riches in the world I can think of friendships and family are at the top of the list. This past week has been a bag of mixed emotions as we say goodbye to many dear friends here in England and pack our bags and prepare to say hello to family, friends and pets back home in Alabama.

Some of our first friends in Durham were Kate and Lynn at the Crusty Bun Bakery. Recently we heard some exciting news that Kate is expecting her first child. We got together with Lynn and planned a surprise baby shower for Kate. Kate believed that she was only stopping by work to pick up Lynn for a dinner out. Kate didn’t know that Lynn, Meg and I along with about 12 others were hiding in the back of the shop with a surprise baby shower.  Baby showers are not a common British custom so Kate really had no idea what we were up to.

Boy was she surprised!


It was such a fun evening.


We played a few baby shower games.

Lynn prepared all of Kate’s favourite treats.
It was a cornucopia of savoury and sweets. Enough for a small army of hungry lasses.

Kate got lots of nice gifts for the “wee bairn”. It was a lovely time that I am glad we could share with them.




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