Home, In all Sorts of Places

This song has had a special meaning for our family over the last year or so.  We discovered it about the time we realized we would be spending a year in England for the first phase of my Ph.D. studies.  We were leaving the only home our kids had ever known and the home my wife and I had known for nearly 20 years.  Though we were only overseas for a year (we are keenly aware that some are gone much longer) this was a big upheaval.

One lesson from this experiences is that home is not necessarily the same four walls.  Home is where God has called you to be.  The Christian’s citizenship is not in any particular nation first, but in the Kingdom of God.  And that means home will never be too far away.

On this our first full day back in the USA, a special thank you to all of you who have followed this blog and helped us feel connected to dear friends in our home–in America and in England both.


Rob, Beth, Joshua and Meg


2 responses to “Home, In all Sorts of Places

  1. Happy you are home safe and sound. Sorry about your luggage, but it will surely show up sooner or later!! Gives you a little time to breath before trying to find a place for everything again!! Best to all and have so enjoyed chatting with you through the Blog!! Martha Anne Parker

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