Waiting on luggage

We are having a great time with our family in Alabama. The cousins are overjoyed to be together again. Each night they have piled on the den floor and couches. They have tons of blankets and pillows. There is a dog (Zoe) in the middle of the cousin puppy pile and a cousin dog as well. They watch a movie together and then happily sleep in the same room all night.

Rob has been on the phone with British Airways each day sorting out our lost luggage. Six of the nine bags have now arrived with more on the way today. We should have them all soon. Computer glitches happen, it is all in the way that the airline handles these. British Airways has been super to work with. I am not regretting for a moment that we moved in only suitcases. https://thehaynesblog.com/2014/04/15/calling-a-new-place-home-making-the-move/

It really is a great and inexpensive way to move. There are a few things that I wish we had done, packing wise, but overall it has been smooth. I am really glad that my tea cups and tea pot arrived intact yesterday. They were among the missing bags.

I am sure that the rest will soon be sorted. When you make a major move like this it is best to expect things like this to happen and plan accordingly. Just remain flexible and relaxed. It eventually all comes together.



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