Beneath the Spanish Moss

The steamy waters of Bon Secour Bay were still this morning. The chugging shrimp boats were calm and silent at their moorings. The fish markets normally bustling and clanging with activity were dark and closed. It seems that this small fishing village takes the fourth commandment quite seriously. Down the road under the live oaks and spanish moss laughter and hymns wafted out and mixed with the music of the cicadas among the humid pines.

Our first Sunday at Morgan’s Chapel was a joyful, memorable one. Members were all donned with name tags, handshakes and hugs. The sanctuary dates back to the mid 1920’s and was restored and rechartered at 12:01 am on January 1, 2000, making it the first church of the new millineum. It reminds us of Lambuth Chapel at Blue Lake, which holds so many treasured memories for us.

There was a delicious lunch and fellowship following the service with more handshakes and hugs.

We are excited about this part time appointment with which we have been entrusted and look forward to serving alongside the people of Morgan’s Chapel.






6 responses to “Beneath the Spanish Moss

    • Thank you Dawn. I was just thinking about all the church doorways that we have passed through as a married couple. All those churches that poured into us so we could go out into the world. Christ UMC is where we got our start together. Thank you for all the years you poured in to us and our youth. We love you all dearly.

  1. This looks like a wonderful journey you are barking upon. I know you will embrace it with all your love and heart as always. We look forward to sharing a small amount with you as soon as possible.

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  2. What a welcome to a wonderful family!! We southerners certainly know how to make one welcome and to put down a “spread”! Best to all of you in your new church home

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