Return to Durham – Day 3 & 4 City Centre and Friends

It was so good to be HOME… our hearts’ second home that is.  Last night we could not wait one more minute to be on Palace Green and see the Cathedral.  We jumped on a train from our hotel in a neighboring city and made our way there, late as the hour was.

We headed back to our room for a good night’s sleep before hitting the city centre today.  Jet lag and our excitement found sleep difficult for some of us.  I myself was awake from 2 am until 4:30 am and watched the sun rise through the rain at 4am.  It was a joy, even with the cold rain to see the morning dawn over north east England.  It meant I am here, we are here together in Durham for the culmination of years of hard work.


The sky in England’s Northeast at 4 am in summertime.

The family got a late start but after the good breakfast at the hotel we were back in Durham.  We got a good look at the completed Lego Cathedral.  It is amazing!  We are so glad to have been a part this wonderful project.  Here are a few pictures for those of you who followed its progress with us.

I will bring a better camera tomorrow and try to gather much grander images of the Lego wonder.

We had lunch with our friend and fellow PhD student Clift, who is also graduating tomorrow.  We lived near them in Gilesgate Moor and enjoyed watching their small girls occasionally.  It was so nice to have another American family to live nearby during our time living in Durham.

In the afternoon we made a bus trip over to The Crusty Bun.  Lynn was not in but we greeted our Katyie with a big southern, “Hey Y’all”. Read about our early days with Lynn and Katytie here  We had a nice visit and promised to come back to see Lynn before we leave town.IMG_3627

We caught up with a friend of Meg’s and her friend’s Mom from our R.A.D. ballet days  It was great to see Amiee and Lisa again.  We also spent the evening with our dear Charlotte H. a friend that we met through our work at the Lego table in the Cathedral’s Open Treasure Project.

Tomorrow is GRADUATION (over the moon about this day) as well as more visits with friends.  We will also finally tour the completed Open Treasure project for which the Lego Cathedral was actually the fund raising.  Till tomorrow…  Cheers, Beth



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