Reunions, The Lego Cathedral and Open Treasure

In the last 24 hours we have had so many special reunions with our sweet Durham friends lots of hugs, meals and “cuppa” visits.

Yesterday we visited our friends from the Lego table.

We took more photos of its fantastic completed state and visited the Open Treasure area.  The Open Treasure part of the Cathedral complex was funded, in part, from the over £300,000  that the Lego Cathedral brought in.

I am so glad that we helped with the Open Treasure project.  I believe that whenever you are making a big move to a new community it is helpful to volunteer with a project that gives back.  Such a commitment helps you get out and meet all types of people in your new home, increase your knowledge of the area and sense of belonging,  and to serve others right in your own backyard.

The Open Treasure project at Durham Cathedral created a world class display space from the Monk’s Dormitories and kitchen that can now house and share the historical treasures of the Cathedral and the area with its visitors.  Displays include educational portions as well as secure and environmental controls for housing visiting artifacts like the Lindisfarne Gospels and currently the last surviving 1216 copy of the Magna Carta.  At the end of July the Treasures of Saint Cuthbert will be on display.  Open the links above for a much better explanation.

We are staying with some dear friends and tonight they served us the most delicious dinner and invited our dear friend Dori, who has moved here from our hometown in Alabama on our recommendation.  Our Durham friends have all taking such good care of Dori and she has had a most warm welcome to her new home in Durham.


Dori was taking this photo of all of us

Today we had a wonderful reunion with our dear Mr. Ray.  We met him one day when traveling by Shank’s Pony.  During our time in the Northeast we took the kids on 30 Field Trip Fridays many of those were chaperoned by our own tour guide and driver, Mr. Ray.  We visited with him over lunch near the city centre.  We then wandered around the Market and Joshua met a couple of his good friends there and we helped Mr. Ray shop for a dashing new flat cap.  I even got a good selfie with him.


Tomorrow we will attend our church as a family and catch up with friends there.  After church we will be taking Mr. Ray on another exciting Field Trip.  Check back tomorrow and see what magic we will discover…





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