Lego Build

lego Cathedral in progress

lego Cathedral in progress

Today the kids and I are working for the afternoon at the lego Cathedral table. The lego cathedral build is a part of fund raising for the Durham Cathedral Open Treasure. Open Treasure will use the funds raised with the lego build to renovate and make accessible a portion of the monk’s dormitories and the old kitchen to be a type of small museum in which to display some of the Durham Cathedral artifacts and treasures.

Monk' s Dormitory Library

Monk’ s Dormitory Library

We enjoy volunteering with this project. Joshua and Meg enjoy watching 600 lb cathedral take shape. Big bits of the project like the large rose window will be sold perhaps at a type of auction for a larger donation to Open Treasure.

It is really coming along this week work began on the buttresses.

The model will be about 12 feet long and about 6 feet high.   It will be quite impressive and a lot of fun to watch the progression each week.



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