Ice, Ice, Baby

Today it is all about the ice baby.

That’s right frozen H2O, the solid form of water.  It has been one of those things about America that I woefully took for granted.  Ice.

As much as I hate to admit it, as much whole food as I cook my family, as many preservatives that we shy away from, as many home grown veggies and backyard chickens that we’ve enjoyed I have a weakness…

an over processed, sugar laden indulgence …

my treat…..


Nothing says yum like a cold Dr. Pepper over ice.  I know it is not good for me.  I only save it for a special treat but here in the UK it is a bit different.

Most restaurants serve coke type drinks, “fizzy drinks” some call them, in a glass with no ice.  You can walk in any bakery or food service establishment and also pick up a “an or a bough’le” (Geordie for can or a bottle).  Soft drinks here do not contain HFCS only sugar, so although they don’t taste the same the are better for you anyway.  Right?  I didn’t say they are GOOD for you.


Anyway.  It says right there on the label that is is “best served ice cold”.  There in lies the biggest problem.  Ice.

Most freezers here in homes do not have ice makers.  A lot of refrigerators are small under the counter types with small freezers.  Our home has a 3\4 size fridge with a lower freezer that is composed of three drawers.  I thought no problem.  We will pick up some ice cube trays and be all set.  That is what we use in our home in the US and I am good and keeping lots of ice going.


The adorable but quite useless fish and star shapes are all I could find anywhere for weeks.  They do not come out of the mold with out breaking into tiny pieces and they do not fix in the freezer drawers with out bending so they must be bent in half then placed in the drawer and THEN filled while in the drawer.  = EPIC FAIL

Last week Meg and I found at Tesco Extra the neat little ice cube bags.  They make little cube shapes and pop out quite well.  Only problem is they are one time use and they come 10 to a box.  Not an economical choice.  We like too much ice for that. =small fail

Yesterday while home schooling our pastor paid us a visit.  She appeared at the door with the most glorious sight in her hand.  Ice cube trays!

What a fantastic pastoral visit that was!

She knew what a time I was having finding some and I am ever grateful to her.  🙂

Ice, lovely ice that I took so for granted.  Yum



2 responses to “Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. Welcome to the real world! Try travelling with Peggy Sue in Africa….. two hours to the nearest ice. No chance. Good luck with your ice. My thoughts are learn to live with out! Blessings

    • Thanks Tom. I have enjoyed the hot tea and lovely English traditions. I will be making a few ice cubes but the snow predictions for November should have my problem solved. 😉


      PS I’d give up ice to volunteer with you and Peggy Sue in Africa.

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