Christmas Preparations

Friday’s Field Trip was postponed due to Joshua catching an English stomach bug.  We have spent a few days letting him rest and get well.

Meg has been storing up ideas for months about our only Christmas in England.  We knew we would be limited in the items we could pack in our luggage so we decided to bring our Christmas stockings and our nativity figures.

We jumped on freecycle this week and seem to have located a free Christmas tree.  We will attempt to pick it up soon.  All of our ornaments this year will be handmade.  Meg has come up with some marvellous ideas.


Quite a few of the lights in our home here have chandler bulbs in them.  The dining room lights have already lost two bulbs.  Meg decided that rather than trash the  spent bulbs she would turn them into Christmas “bobbles” as they are called here.

She painted them with thin glue and then


a bit of glitter….


Christmas ornaments


After cutting a bit off scrap computer paper Meg rolled it around a paint brush and created a snow flake star.  The only items purchased were a bottle of craft glue and glitter.  I am glad she is having fun being so creative.


The other night I was invited to attend a brownie leaders meeting at the local girl guide’s  house.  The adults were all taught a variety of crafts to use at girl guides.  The pattern for the snowflake star was taught there.  We have a few more that we will share later.

It is enjoyable to slow down and work on these crafts together.  Christmas will be here before we know it.



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  1. Those great! Meg I am proud of you. What or the snow flakes made of? I know you will make it nice more everyone……Kathy

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