Wild Weather Coming

So it seems that we are in for quite a bit of change in the weather tomorrow. Last Thursday is was amazingly warm and beautiful. The kids and I took a quick break a the park and could hardly believe how warm and sunny it was for late October.

More amazing than the lovely weather was the hot air balloon that drifted by.

Just a few short days later the weather is changing. We are all expecting a wild storm tomorrow. The wind in some parts of the British Isles may reach 100 miles an hour. Back on the Gulf Coast of Alabama we’d call that a hurricane folks. I’ve put on a pot of my grandma and mom’s beef stew, made some sourdough bread and prepared to snuggle in.

That is the sensible thing to do.
A part of me wants to be like an Alabama weather man and take a journey down to the North Sea. Why? Because I want to see it when it is angry. I’d love a few shots of that.

We will see what tomorrow brings.


5 responses to “Wild Weather Coming

  1. Hey man, that’s a cat. 2. Right? Head on down to that sea! I bet Jim Cantore’s already there!! Find a stop sign to dramatically hang on to while Beth snaps a shot!!

  2. Well, you guys made the international news–CNN et al. broadcast some pics from the storm. Surely you took the blow in stride, perhaps sipping a spot tea on the front porch while the winds kicked up. We recently had a “hurricane” here that finally came ashore with winds of up to 35 mph–knocked over one of my plastic lawn chairs. Boy, did the weather service get this one wrong–Stay dry–Barry

    • Hi Barry,
      The storm passed to the south and missed us. We even broke away and got over to the North Sea to see if it was feeling angry. The water was as flat as a table top. It was bad in Southern England and the Continent. There were some lives lost.
      But up here, it was calm and gentle most all day.

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