Silver and Gold

We have found the people of north east to be very warm and welcoming. We enjoy our walks each week to visit the Crusty Bun. Lynn and Kate have become good friends. They enjoy hearing about the southern US as much as we enjoy hearing about history, traditions and words of north England.

We know that the weather will soon make walking more of a challenge but we really enjoy our walks “oot and aboot”.


This past trip to the Crusty Bun we brought along two gifts.  A dear friend and neighbour in Alabama sent us a care package.  You may have read about the wonderful things inside on an earlier post.  In the box from home were two special things with beautiful southern charm.  One for Lynn and one for Kate.  We were so excited to bring those to them.

We visited for a bit and they gave us new Geordie words.  The Geordie word for sandwich is “sarhnee” or “buttie”.   We hear people come in and say that when they are ordering.  After visiting a bit more we gave them their gifts.



Not sure if that picture is close enough to read what they say……



They loved them.  🙂

We are grateful for our friends near and far.  New friends and old friends.

I am reminded of a sweet song from my girl scout days.

Make new Friends

but keep the old

one is silver

and the other is gold.

Blessings….all of them….

– Beth


One response to “Silver and Gold

  1. I would like to thank Beths lovely friends for the gifts it really made our day.We look forward to seeing the tribe real soon to hear about the last field trip Friday and I’m sure we will have a new word for y’all. See you soon hun xx

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