A Season of Waiting

English Advent Candle

English Advent Candle


We are enjoying the beginnings of our first ever Christmas outside of America.  We have been making handmade ornaments for weeks and found a lovely tree via “Freecycle” and already have it standing in our living room.  Sunday, the kids were ill so we had to miss church service…I don’t know when the last time (if ever) we have all been at home on a Sunday morning.  I worked for years before, during and after I met Rob as a Youth Minister at Christ UMC in Mobile, Alabama.  He volunteered with the youth program at our church, then he became a youth minister and then later was ordained and continued to serve at our church in Alabama, Fairhope UMC.  So, you can see between us there were not a lot of Sundays missed.  I really hated to miss the first Sunday in advent but illnesses come.  I am rejoicing that everyone is now on the mend.

We normally have a family advent wreath of candles to light each Sunday evening.  This year it will be a bit different as the advent candle here is burned each day.  I rather like this new and different way of marking off the days of waiting.

Waiting brings us a sense of anticipation.  Part of the joy of Christmas is in the waiting.  We find much joy in the preparations for Christmas.  It is a bit slower for us this Christmas with most of our normal Christmas activities being at home in Alabama.  No school Christmas program, Nutcracker Ballet, Advent Wreath making with family and friends at church, or Christmas parties with work friends this year.  That brings a measure of sadness but it is ok.  We will have a different sort of slower paced Christmas.  We will take time to enjoy the hard work of other music groups, schools, and churches as we attend their Christmas programs and services.  We will bake cookies and make ornaments to share with our new friends here in England.  We will anticipate the joy of Christmas morning and a few days after Christmas greeting Marme and Pa as they arrive to visit us in England.





Blessed Advent Season Friends,


Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations.




5 responses to “A Season of Waiting

  1. Beautiful tree! I know you are excited with the anticipation of the Birth of Jesus and the arrival of family. Almost like the arrival of the Magi. Glad all are getting better Gene

  2. Dear Haynes Family,
    The idea of “Freecycling” is so cool! I see that your elves found you in England, what are their names? Ours names are Lucy and Ben. I also LOVE the Advent Candle that you burn everyday. We are going to look for one like it. We too are enjoying the waiting, but we are really anxious for CHRISTMAS to come.
    Love, Lily and Jill

    • Hello Friends!
      Great to hear from you. We think that there is a Freecycle in the States. We are hoping so. Our elves are named Jingle Bell and Mr. Elf.
      We are looking forward to Christmas. We have been making ornaments for the tree. It is fun make ornaments and memories all at the same time!
      Miss you!

  3. Owen and Avery would LOVE that advent candle – they ask to light the wreath every night – these candles won’t last the season if we did that! I’m going to google this candle!! Much love from Fairhope!

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