Fairly British

Some days are more British than others.  Tuesday was a mixed bag.

Rob turned in another paper .  For those who are interested in that bit, he is currently working on articulating the theology of the relationship between the Church, the Kingdom of God, and Mission.  If you are interested in the discussion, let him know.  He would love to talk with you about it.  He got his “Christmas Reading” assignment: read N.T. Wright’s work on the subject and write up another 5,000 words.  Wright is a prolific writer, great theologian, and former bishop of Durham.  Rob’s pretty excited.   Such an assignment is a part of a normal flow of work in the British PhD system.  Has he mentioned that he LOVES this work?  LOVES IT.

Beth and the kids worked hard in homeschool–The Gilesgate Classical Christian School.  Sounds British, doesn’t it?   They are doing good work, and we are proud.

After school for all, we got to partake in a little treat.  It was the last night of the rental car that we still have from Thanksgiving. (Can you say free rental days?)  So we drove on the wrong side, er, left side, of the road to Brownie Guides for Meg.  She said her Brownie Guide pledge that included a promise “To serve the Queen…”  Not sure if that still applies when she returns to the rebellious colonies.  However, she’s very proud of her sash and new patches.

On the way home, we heard the forecast for snow coming soon.  If the snow comes, then there will be a run on “Sledges.”  No, those aren’t hammers.  In the States they call them “Sleds.”  Off we went to Tesco to secure ours–sleds, not hammers.  Tesco is a British supermarket and little-bit-of-everything store.  Sledges are secured and two kids are very excited.  They are practicing in the den.  We’ll let you know how that turns out.

At home we got to open a box of love from some friends in the US.  Smiles all around as we read our notes, enjoyed our treats and looked through the kids’ yearbook–signed by their classmates from Fairhope!

Some days are more British than others.  That was a fairly British Day.

Two Generations of Girl (Scouts) Guides.

Two Generations of Girl (Scouts) Guides.


5 responses to “Fairly British

  1. Hi Beth! I didn’t even know you had a blog. This is awesome! So cool to learn about Britain from the inside out! 🙂 Thank you for chronicling your adventures here for us to enjoy too!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for staying in touch through the blog. We enjoy staying connected to everyone this way. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to. Give our best to your family!

  2. Hi Beth and Family:

    As always I enjoyed your blog. This is such an awesome experience for you and your family. I am so glad things are going so well. Look forward to the next entry! 😊

  3. Hi hun did you get the message about decorating the tree at the church, it’s today if the bairns would like to help crazy Katie decorate it, needs to be soon though love Lyn. Xx

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